Frequently Asked Questions

Poker tournaments differ from cash games in that each player pays an entry fee then competes to win a portion of the prize pool. During the event, the blind levels increase steadily at regular intervals. A tournament officially ends once one player has all of the chips and is declared the winner.

Signing up for a tournament is easy. First you need to make an account with Sol City. You then select the tournament you want to enter, and get a ticket. Once you have a ticket, you need to register for the tournament within the Sol City app.

Tournaments at Sol City Poker offer a variety of exciting prizes for its winners. Prizes are guaranteed before the tournament begins, and are distrubuted amongst the top performers in the tournament.

For more information on tournaments as well as our monthly schedule, please visit our tournaments page.

Ring games are live acton games played with "real" chips at stake, often with no determined end time. Players are able to enter and leave as they see fit.

Points can be exchanged in the prize shop for NFT prizes.

A Sit-N-Go is a type of tournament with no set starting time. Instead, each Sit-N-Go has a predetermined number of entrants. once this number is reached and all the spots in the tournament are filled, the tournament begins immediately.

A freeroll tournament is a tournament with no entry fee. Usually the entry is earned through giveaways or frequent play in ring games or other tournaments. Usually these are freezeouts, meaning there are no rebuys. Sometimes the prizes won are something other than chips.

Deposits can be made from within the Shop, under the account section.

Players can enter freeroll tournaments without making a deposit, and win prizes.

Before making a deposit, sign up for an account within the Sol City Poker app.

The prize shop is where our players can cash out their accumulated points for prizes.

You can cash out with any amount of points, just go to the prize shop and find one that is listed for the amount of points you have.

Join our Discord if you have further questions, especially about deposits or withdrawals.

Get started by heading over to the signup page on our app here.